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Communicate below the sea is no longer unlikely

A Japanese company has developed the first underwater communication device in the world that allows fellow divers can communicate with each other. Communication is done through the transmission process to convert sound into light signals. System on the device, called i-rags was developed by Comms Marine Ryukyu, Okinawa, Japan. Using a special mask that can […]

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Health and Medical Condition in the Philippines in Crisis

The sad news that half of the doctors working at a government hospital in Cagayan de Oro City, a city in Mindanao, Philippines, have resigned over disillusionment at how things are being managed at the hospital should cause alarm to every government hospital in other provinces in the country. The discontents and complaints – low […]

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Packing Your Child a Healthy School Lunch

If a trip to Target is any indication, the school year is just around the corner. The colorful school supplies are in abundance and according to my daughter, Natalie, she “needs” at least one of each item. The new school clothes are grabbing her brother Lucas’ attention. And, since his twin, Jacob, remembers the P.E. […]

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korea fashion style

fashion style korea – Korean Fever in Indonesia is not over, even the old “Korean Wave” in Indonesia grew, especially among teenagers. Not only the Korean Drama, “Korean Wave” also has begun to enter into the world of style, especially fashion. In the year 2012, fashion korea style more and more in interest by young […]

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popular hairstyle ala korea

Popular Hairstyles ala korea popular Most Popular and 2012 ,and trends trend korean haircut model, for women. Women haircut style Korean girls. With the boom in Korean drama series, a little more we can see how the Korean people in their everyday style. One of the good to imitate, especially for our looks are popular […]

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Model of an Evolutionary Medical Facility

There is so much debate regarding the state of our healthcare system today and while everyone involved from the politicians to the economists, the doctors to the patients all hope for improvement we are faced with the ever common dilemma of whose opinion is “the right one.” Unfortunately (or fortunately), for all involved, the issue […]

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